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Located in the town of Turriff in rural Aberdeenshire, we are a small family run business that specialises in Indian Cuisine and provide cookery lessons in Authentic Indian and Fusion dishes that can be cooked to perfection by anyone. 

We are passionate about showcasing authentic Indian food from various regions, different walks of life and from Esther’s own childhood home in Northern India.

Our desire is to inspire you to just cook from scratch – simple, as well as complex dishes. We will show you how unique and versatile Indian cookery is. It can be as simple as you wish or more complex for an experienced cook. 

We are confident at Esther's Manna House that you will learn and broaden your knowledge, skills and techniques. You will be encouraged to have hands on experience to be able to bring spices and flavours together.

At Esther’s Manna House you will also get a unique taste of blending and creating fusion dishes bringing together Eastern and Western palates in perfect harmony!

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