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Indian Cooking


At Esther's Manna House we aim to provide different cooking classes to individuals of all skill levels ages 13 and above.

Whatever your cooking needs are, there is something for you here!

We have a number of classes to choose from, ranging from small group cooking experiences to private individual lessons. We offer instruction in simple Indian dishes & more complex options for the advanced cooks. 

If you have a special event in mind, or would like to learn a specific cooking skill with Esther, please contact us here


At EMH we care about the service we provide and are committed to being honest with you in all our dealings, whether that is direct service at our shop, cookery classes or online.

We will always endeavor to provide you what we say we would provide you, so that what you see on the tin is what you will get.

We will always treat you with kindness & respect.

We aspire to be a place where you feel at home, especially when it comes to learning about skills of cooking delicious food at home for all budgets and occasions.

Indian Spices

Creating Good Food

We love and respect good food.


Our focus will always be on maintaining a high standard of the food we cook together at EMH, no matter how simple the dish.

We aim to equip you to create dishes that are not only nutritiously valuable but that will also build your skills and confidence in cooking at home.

Indian Cuisine

Igniting Passion

We at EMH love nothing more than igniting a spark of passion in both beginner and advanced cooks when it comes to creating delicious meals for the people they care for.


We believe that food is just better when it is made with love. We aim to build a genuine enjoyment of cooking for those who pass through our doors. 

Indian Chicken Curry

Engaging the Youth

In a world of instant answers and increasing delivery food services, the necessity of personal food preparation is becoming a lost art.


It is our mission at EMH to reignite the desire in today's teens and young adults to prepare and create their own meals by not only teaching them the necessary skills but also revealing the enjoyment and creativity that comes with hand crafting a meal from scratch.


Preserving Authenticity

It is important to us here at EMH to maintain the originality of the dishes we offer.


We want you to receive the most authentic experience possible, so we work hard to not only preserve the integrity of the recipes themselves, but also the raw ingredients we use.

Indian Dish

Passing Down Tradition

We believe that cooking is both a necessary life skill and an art.


It is our hope at EMH that all who attend our classes are inspired to pass the beauty and practicality of cooking down the family line for generations to come.

Image by Atikah Akhtar

Cultivating Confidence

Our classes are designed to help people of every skill level gain confidence in handling the spices of traditional Indian food.

We hope to encourage each person to venture into this imaginative and versatile cuisine with boldness and courage.

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